Since 2009 Chief Global Strategist


Private Equity Fund & International Oil Company (IOC)

- Defined Target Operating Models resulting from Mergers & Acquisitions, focusing on performance improvement of key operational and business functions.

- Driving global operations and business expansion opportunities including through investments, partnerships and mergers & acquisitions.

- Defining and executing business and financial strategies for Boost but also, as consultant, for Axa and EDF and participating in top-level negotiations with heads of State and government and ministers of oil in Africa, in Central Asia and in the Middle East and with Export Credit Agencies and State-owned banks

- Winning new and profitable business opportunities in emerging markets (business development) for Boost but also, as consulting partner, for other companies such as Bolloré in the Middle East

- Creating, structuring, implementing and leading industrial projects (project management and project finance) such as the construction of a refinery, the development of an offshore oilfield, etc.

- Responsible for defining the strategy of the company, outline key area of growth and solutions to expend current client based and go-to market initiatives.